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What Were Doing

Artificial Reef

Our Mission

Beyond The Reef works to create an abundant and diverse marine ecosystem within the caribbean that simultaneously encourages local community education and pride in the surrounding underwater habitat.  

Beyond The Reef

Our Game Plan

BUILD to enhance OCEAN LIFE: Create artificial reef systems for aquatic species to inhabit and thrive in where the seafloor is otherwise desolate or damaged as a result of storms or man. 

RECYCLE to reduce WASTE: Recycle small items in conjunction with concrete as well as larger items such as derelict boats and additional materials that would otherwise end up as waste in landfill. 

ART to create TOURISM: Do this in a visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing way to ensure that it is an impacting  experience for snorkelers and divers and will generate positive publicity and tourism. 

OUTREACH to EDUCATE COMMUNITY: Involve local children in the design and artwork of the coral structures and boats to educate future generations on the need to protect their ocean both locally and beyond.  

Beyond The Reef

Who We Are

Beyond the Reef's founders are a unique group of collaborators who are passionate about the ocean.

Amongst us are an Underwater Engineer, an Oceanographer, a Metal Sculptor and an Environmental Filmmaker. 

Together, with a little help from our friends (and hopefully you!) we can create the most impactful artificial coral reef system on planet Earth. 

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