Chris Juredin


Founder & President of 

Beyond The Reef

Chris is originally from South Africa, but has lived in the BVI for nearly 25 years and owns local companies Commercial Dive Services and We Be Divin'. 

Commercial Dive Services (CDS) has been instrumental in the clean up and salvage of hurricane damaged boats after the devastation caused to the marine sector from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.  Chris also leads CDS on a daily basis in numerous government and private underwater engineering projects as well doing beach reclamation, bathymetric surveys, pipeline installation, underwater welding, chase calls and ship husbandry.

Chris was heavily involved in the 2017 "Kodiak Queen" artificial reef project and is passionate about continuing BVI's Art Reef through Beyond The Reefs latest projects.  Chris is not only Beyond The Reefs founder, but also its main financial contributor. 

When he isnt sinking ships for fun or salvaging ships for work, Chris can be found diving and exploring the BVI waters. 

Kendyl Berna


Founder & Vice President of 

Beyond The Reef

Kendyl studied Environmental Science with an emphasis in Ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  While in college, she took a semester off to work at Discovery Channel and realized that she loved the media side of environmental science and the outreach that it could have.  From here, she began her career in documentary filmmaking, particularly specializing in nature, marine, adventure and wildlife and producing shows for networks such as Netflix, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, A&E and others.  

While producing a marine-based show for Travel Channel in the British Virgin Islands she met Chris Juredin and his team at Commercial Dive Services.  Two years and two Category-5 hurricanes later, they teamed up to create Beyond The Reef.  Kendyl handles the creative side while Chris handles the logistics and engineering of actually building and sinking a ship. 


Drew Shook


Lead Sculptor 

North Carolina craftsman & good-ole boy. 

Drew was also a lead sculptor on the Kodiak Queen's "Kraken". 

Josh Wilson


Lead sculptor

Portland guy

Amazing salsa dancer

Josh was also a lead sculptor on the Kodiak Queen's "Kraken". 

Aydika James



Secret Samurai Productions

Part geek, glam and granola, Aydika is an artist, adventurer, ocean lover, fitness junkie, entrepreneur and Impact Art Producer. Co-Founder of the Kodiak Queen project, Aydika is fascinated with how story and design can stimulate large-scale positive changes that start with uniting people through play.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the following people who helped make this project possible.



Dion Ashley 

Bobby Hodge

Ashley Ritter


From Earth Echo:

Philippe Cousteau

Ashlan Cousteau

Mia DeMezza

Marine Biologist:

Kyla Van Maanen 

From Commercial Dive Services:

John Unico

Glen Paul

Laura Arton
Kit Arton

Rey Ectoban
Arnold Simbulas
Ryan Laonde
Froncois Botha
Juan G

Elmar Bosman

Dennis Haggerty

Shirley Juredin

Wayne Palmer 

Akil Turnbull




Skull Molder: 

Larry Berna

Colin Hanson & Leah Randall

In memory of all souls who remain at sea...

The whole team at Commercial Dive Services BVI

These guys are hardcore!